Roads notorious for tailbacks....

COULD you please print a correction to a small but massively significant error in Richard Morris’s otherwise admirable article in Friday’s Herald.

The distance from Eastbourne to the Conquest Hospital is a lot more than the 13 miles mentioned.

It is in fact 22 miles if you use the coastal road to Hastings or 21 if you use the less obvious inland route. Either way it is nearly 70 per cent more than the 13 miles mentioned. As you note, the roads are notorious for tailbacks and so the actual distances is very significant.

At an average speed of 25 mph, a not unreasonable speed for normal daytime conditions, it would take 31 minutes to drive 13 miles but over 50 minutes for 21.

Can you tell me where the figure of 13 miles originate from? If it was a figure from the trust running the hospitals this should be vigorously corrected.


South Lynn Drive