Road resurface is long overdue

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Call the newsdesk on 01780 758951 or e-mail SUS-170809-161328001

From: Margaret Thorp

Ersham Way, Hailsham

The residents of Ersham Road in Hailsham have for about five years been discussing the possibility of having our road resurfaced with Tarmac or the equivalent.

Our main problem is that we have no pathway and therefore have to walk in the road and, as our residents are mainly elderly or have disabilities, we need a good smooth surface so people do not trip or fall.

For several years when East Sussex Highways inspected the road they would always come back with the answer ‘the road is satisfactory for vehicles’ never really taking on board that we have to walk along the road as well as drive.

Anyway after many visits, the road had the old Tarmac removed in July this year and the concrete underneath was patched up leaving a still uneven surface and a road that looks like a patchwork quilt.

I do not know another road in this area that looks quite so unfinished.

The residents and visitors alike keep asking when the surface is going to be done in Tarmac.

I have been told by East Sussex Highways that they do not intend to do anything further to the road.

Last November, the adjoining road called The Avenue was resurfaced in a day with Tarmac. At the time I suggested they do ours as well but this did not seem logical to them as ours needed more repair?

The Avenue at the time did not appear to need resurfacing whereas ours needed urgent attention.

I have been told that if they resurface with Tarmac that in time it would wear off.

Surely this is the case on every road that has Tarmac.

I constantly worry about our residents who walk up and down this road with walking aids or use scooters on the uneven road surface made worse of course when it is dark.

Just to finish I would like to add that residents who have lived here more than 25 years have never seen this road resurfaced, I think it is long overdue.