Road repairs are effective and good value

I was disappointed to see the comments made by Annemarie Field in her recent column (Out in the Field 27/10/2013) regarding the work carried out on Willingdon Road.

The process of surface dressing a road is one that has been used for many years by highways authorities nationwide. It is both effective and good value for money which, at a time of austerity, is important.

The “stones and chippings” are not a permanent fixture of the road and are swept away at least three times after work is complete – after 24 hours, three days and seven days.

During this time motorists are advised to stick to a 20mph speed limit to avoid skidding and throwing up chippings.

This year we have carried out our largest programme of surface dressing with minimal complaints and causing minimal disruption, as the road opens almost immediately after the work is completed.

The resurfacing of the A22 mentioned by Annemarie was a £2.5million scheme and the budget just is not available to carry out this kind of work on every road in the county.

The work carried out on the A22, a busy, main route through the county, cost around £30 per square metre of road, in comparison to the £3 per square metre it costs for surface dressing.

Having driven along Willingdon Road a number of times in recent weeks, I have seen no evidence of the problems Annemarie describes in her article.

The road surface is greatly improved.

We would be more than happy to invite Annemarie to join our highway engineers for a day to give her a better understanding of the work they do.


Head of Highways

East Sussex County Council