Review is down to Roy’s efforts

Your article about car parking problems in Polegate (Herald, August 15) and the Parking Review agreed to by Wealden District Council is an excellent reminder of how hard our former councillor Roy Martin worked for Polegate, and how much he was appreciated by so many district councillors and local people.

Given that, it is surprising to find Polegate Residents Association is now claiming that the parking review, which the district council agreed to following Roy Martin’s request, was actually down to a parking survey by their councillors and lobbying by Polegate Town Council.

Hardly, since that survey was carried out six years ago by the Council (and was conducted by other councillors including Roy) and that the town council has effectively done nothing since.

The review is down to Roy’s efforts and it is very sad to find Polegate Residents Association seeking to take the credit for themselves.

Rosemarie Battles,

North Close,