Reverse this short-sighted policy before it’s too late

I HAVE been a visitor to, and holidaymaker at, Eastbourne since the late 1940s and have always loved the town.

However, I feel a growing unease about the path it is now following, as many of its attractions seem to be being undermined.

The Pavilion tea rooms, where we often stopped for refreshment after a walk from the Holywell gardens, is now a carvery, of little use if one is seeking something like a sandwich and a cup of tea, and this lack is being compounded by the recent closure of the excellent cafe at the Wish Tower.

I have also noticed the beautiful hedges on the upper road above the Holywell have been grubbed up while the amusement park at the other end of the front has been closed, a loss for visiting children.

We always enjoyed the 1812 concerts at the Redoubt and feel those at the bandstand do not provide a similar atmosphere.

In addition even the army tank has gone from its former location, no doubt due to some specious health and safety nonsense.

I understand from friends who live in the town that there are influential voices seeking to completely change the image from that of a quiet seaside resort to something more akin to Brighton, in the expectation this will attract younger holidaymakers.

If this is indeed the motive then it is a foolish one, as nowadays it is frequently the older generation who have the resources lacking in youngsters for whom student debts, lack of employment and pressures of work make life difficult.

I hope more sensible heads will prevail over such a short-sighted policy else I for one will regretfully be looking for a more congenial venue for my holidays.


Douglas Road, Tonbridge