Return reconsidered amid threats to health services

I am disturbed to hear of the plans to shut down the maternity unit in the Eastbourne District General Hospital.

As a university student originally from Eastbourne and planning to return following my degree, I am troubled to hear of the proposed plans as my intention is to return home and at some point start a family.

In my family’s experience childbirth doesn’t always go to plan or as straight forward as hoped.

The thought of having to travel from Eastbourne to Hastings (which can take over an hour in rush hour traffic) is a frightening thought which I fear would be a risk to my health and my babies’ health.

Taking this into consideration, I may have to rte-evaluate where I choose to raise a family.

I am sure I am not alone in having these opinions. So East Sussex NHS Trust please think realistically before making any rash decisions.

J. Taylor, Leeds Metropolitan University (formerly of Old Town).