Rethink garden waste change

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Call the newsdesk on 01780 758951 or e-mail SUS-170809-161328001

From: Jane Dubery

Addingham Road

The council recently announced a charge, expected to be £52 a year, for the collection of garden waste with the option of a free composting bin.

If you put garden waste out for every bi-weekly collection this is £2 per collection which initially seems a reasonable charge. However, I think that very few gardeners will fill a bin this frequently so immediately the cost per collection is higher.

Currently, I share a garden bin with a neighbour and we both have very small gardens, little more than backyards, with no room for compost heaps or bonfires. Between us we put garden waste out about 3 - 4 times a year so an annual charge of £52 means each collection would cost us £13! I hate playing the “pensioner” card but like many people - young and old - I am on a limited income and I think this charge is excessive.

Not signing up to the new system will mean residents will have to take their garden waste to the Churchdale Road facility which would be difficult if you don’t have transport, are elderly or have mobility problems. It is also likely that there will be more fly tipping and living next to an alleyway where that is already a problem I envisage it becoming worse.

I appreciate that council finances are tight but I think that the council should rethink the proposed charge.

How about a bookable collection system, for example, you ring up to find out when the collection vehicle is next scheduled to be in your area and then, for a small charge say £5, you can book a collection to fit in.

You can already do this with large items such as furniture (I believe this is free for those on low income but I’m not suggesting that is extended) so why not for garden waste?