Retaining Green Belt between our towns

ON READING the article in the Eastbourne Herald regarding the 700 new houses being built on Hindsland Playing Fields and Morning Hill Farm, I was disgusted to see this proposal appears to be done and dusted.

Hindsland should be retained for sporting and recreational use, and also to maintain a green belt between Polegate and Eastbourne.

With other housing developments in the area, green field sites will be at a premium. Local councillors have worked hard to oppose this fiasco but as usual their input has been totally disregarded. Is there a need for these houses? I don’t think so.

Some of the questions to be asked are where is the employment for these people? Where is the infrastructure, schools, doctors surgeries, retail outlets?

Will we just tap into existing already overloaded water supplies? Will the sewerage system be able to cope? We have already had a problem at the pumping station at Polegate.

All of these things - without even thinking about the traffic problems that will arise onto the A22 which is already subject to hold ups at peak periods.

The government is encouraging more local involvement in what happens locally and then we get overruled by people such as Cllr Roy Galley, Cabinet Minister for Planning and Development. I wonder where he lives, not in Polegate, probably up-country somewhere, big house lovely views, no houses being built in his back garden.

His comments about the core strategy, a vision of our aspirations for the future: words probably quoted from a book, as they have no bearing and reality to this proposal.

A public meeting would be more appropriate (as soon as possible) then he would hear the opinions of the people of Polegate and Willingdon, how about it?

Mrs S C Fillery

Southfield, Polegate