Retail park facelift positive development

I WAS disappointed to read the article in last week’s Herald by Juliet Perry entitled ‘Crumbles facelift may harm town’, which in my view omitted some key facts.

Firstly it is worth pointing out that the Crumbles retail park is actually in Eastbourne and rather than harming the town it contributes towards its success.

The Crumbles Retail Park was built to inject money into the construction of Sovereign Harbour, frequently referred to as ‘the jewel in Eastbourne’s crown’ and a significant tourist attraction for the town.

The retail park has been in operation since 1989 and consequently has coexisted with the town centre for more than 20 years without problems.

The work being proposed on the retail park is essentially a facelift not a major extension, so it doesn’t represent an increase in competition.

The facelift, which is a welcome investment in the town, particularly in the current economic situation will make the retail park more attractive as well as facilitating a long awaited cross-harbour bus link to improve the service on the harbour.

It’s as positive a development for the town as anything I’ve heard lately, so what’s the problem!

I want to see the town centre become a real success for Eastbourne.

However, if its future depends on undermining the success of other areas of the town, then I think some serious questions should be asked about the viability of the current town centre plans.


Bermuda Place

Sovereign Harbour