Restricting the flat-rate ‘unfair’

I consider that the proposal for the introduction of a flat rate pension of £140 per week is very sensible, but I am appalled by the fact that all existing pensioners – all those who reach pensionable age prior to the proposed implementation date in 2016 – will be excluded.

I strongly believe that everyone should be treated equally and receive the same amount, regardless of the date they became pensioners.

To create a two-tier system by restricting the flat rate to one group of pensioners would be grossly unfair and unjust.

I hope that the Government will reconsider and take the honourable course of action by amending the proposed reforms to ensure fair play for all.

A public consultation has been launched and the full proposals, together with details of how to contribute, are available on the Department for Work and Pensions website at Alternatively, you can comment by writing to: The state Pension Reform Consultation Team, Pension Analysis and Incomes Division, Department for Work and Pensions, 5th Floor, Caxton House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NA.

I would urge everyone who has strong views on this matter to contribute as soon as possible.

The consultation ends on June 24, so it is vital to respond quickly.

Linda Goodwill

Windermere Crescent