Restaurant fit for modern market?

THE opposition on Eastbourne Council is voicing concerns over the future of the Wish Tower restaurant, in particular whether or not it will reopen in time for the 2012 summer season.

I have no political axe to grind, but I would hope that is possible and would also urge the council to ensure that when the doors are eventually flung open again it will be to reveal an establishment which is designed to cater for a modern market.

For too long the food on offer looked and tasted like 1950s school dinners.

We live in the age of Jamie Oliver, Nigel Slater and Hugh Fearnley Whatsisname, so let’s see that reflected in the refurbished restaurant.

That doesn’t mean prices have to be high, but the quality needs to be really good so locals will use it regularly and visitors will make a beeline for it.

It would also help if the place opened in the evenings too. Where better to dine than overlooking the best seafront in the UK?

The Wish Tower could be a real jewel in Eastbourne’s crown.


Greenfield Road