Respect and dignity should top care list

I WAS appalled and saddened to read the report in the Herald (July 6) about the two extremely unprofessional care assistants from the Little Acorns Care Home.

Becky Cooper and Natalie Hemsley should be ashamed of themselves, as should the photographer of these dreadful photographs.

I hope these women never work in a care setting again. Their actions must surely worry current patients, relatives, the management team and future patients.

Any of us, including these awful women, could end up in care homes in the future.

Personally I find the whole sorry business horrifying.

The patients in care homes should at the very least be treated with respect and dignity instead they appear to have been mocked and humiliated.

I hope their Facebook friends deal with them appropriately, if they don’t they should consider themselves just as bad.

I hope that The Herald will be able to report on the findings of the investigation currently being held into the incident.


Grenville Road

Pevensey Bay