Residents – get behind your bandstand

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I REFER to ‘Bandstand envy of all other resorts’ (Steve Fuller, Herald letters, July 29) and totally agree with his sentiments.

I joined friends last evening at the Gilbert & Sullivan concert – you could not hear or see any better performance even in the West End.

The accompanists and comperes were superb – of course we were doubly blessed with the perfect weather.

However, I am perplexed that local residents do not seem to make the effort to appreciate what is on offer through the season.

The Bandstand What’s On 2011 programme covers everyone’s needs – where are you residents?

If it wasn’t for the happy holidaymakers who do appreciate our wonderful bandstand there would be a very small audience for the top quality afternoon and evening performances.

So Eastbourne residents how about switching off the TV and coming down to our beautiful seafront and enjoying all that is on offer.

Jane Schulze, Commercial Road.