Remembering the tranquil gardens

The letter about the water ‘otter in Wannock Gardens (Gazette letters, August 31) brings back memories of warm summer afternoons, strawberry cream teas, the model village, the wishing well and of course the water ‘otter.

My wife and I both remember, before we were married, being allowed to drive my father’s Hillman Minx car on one particular Sunday afternoon to Wannock Gardens provided we took my eight-year-old sister with us.

Some years later, when our own family was growing up, we were still enjoying an afternoon in the gardens with a cream tea, provided we could afford it, listening to our own children’s squeals of laughter when pulling on the rope of that marvellous water ‘otter.

I also have a recollection of an animal cemetery in the grounds where sadly-departed pets could be laid to rest.

There has been a lot written about the Gardens over the years but, for anyone wishing to revel in a bit of local nostalgia, get one of your grandchildren to bring over their laptop, enter ‘Wannock Gardens’ into Google, enjoy the old photographs and read about what a wonderful, peaceful and entertaining haven of tranquillity the Wannock Tea Gardens used to be.

Reg and Barbara Bond,

Morningside Close, Seaford