Remembering my dad with a special ceremony

VERY sadly my dad Alan Anthony Clement Pitcher passed away on April 20 this year.

He was a prominent member of Eastbourne throughout his long life - a Lt. Commander for TS Eastbourne Sea Cadets, crew on the William Allchorn, bandleader, and most of all the First Mechanic of Eastbourne Lifeboat for many years, until he retired to Norfolk.

Dad had a short illness and was in the James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth for only nine days. Mum was also in the same hospital at the same time, and the staff very kindly moved my Mum’s bed next to dad’s for the last 24 hours, where he passed away holding her hand.

Dad had a funeral service at St Mary’s Church Hemsby, kindly attended by members of the Eastbourne Lifeboat team.

They are also being good enough to scatter dad’s ashes outside “his” Lifeboat house, from the current lifeboat itself, at a little ceremony on Sunday September 16, at about 10.15am, which can be seen from the shore outside what is now the IRB boat house, near the tennis courts, by interested parties, where members of family and friends will be attending.

Hopefully my mum, now in a wheelchair, will be on the boat or with the party assembled on the shore. Please do come along.

Juley Ross,

Dorset Road South,