Refurbishment would signal lack of vision

ALTHOUGH his letter takes a somewhat extreme and a scattergun approach Malcolm Rasala (February 24) raises some points about Eastbourne that are worthy of debate.

For example he rightly criticises aspects of the town’s datedness. However it does seem to me borough councillors are attempting to get to grips with this.

Mr Rasala calls into question a pervasive and misplaced sentimentality for old buildings, some of which are no longer fit for purpose. I would list the Wish Tower Restaurant as a prime example.

How extraordinary then that the Tory group under David Elkin is reported in the same Herald “wallowing in dated ugliness” (M Rasala) with its proposal to spend nearly half-a-million pounds on this dismal building that for years has been providing dismal fare.

Councillor Elkin’s slogan for this proposal, ‘put the sparkle back into Eastbourne’ is laughable.

Bold decisions that seek to modernise our town are taking us into the 21st century with the genuine prospect of more sparkle.

Preserving the Wish Tower Restaurant would signal a terrible lack of vision and ambition to modernise the town.

Well done Gill Mattock for resisting Councillor Elkin’s backward looking and expensive proposal.


Kinfauns Avenue.