Recycling efforts not good enough

THE COMMENTARY on the open-top bus (a 50 minute round trip from the pier) suggests the reason for many convalescent homes being built in the 19th century was due to the air being so good (and an Eastbourne street – Burton Road – was recently judged to be the sunniest in the country).

With the passing of time, older houses have been demolished for flats or divided into smaller units and apartment blocks have been built on available ground, presumably to cater for the large numbers wishing to move here.

How strange then that the proportion of flats to houses is high but recycling facilities at flat blocks is abysmal. Many areas in the country now collect plastic, cardboard and kitchen waste, in a lidded caddy provided, and garden trimmings from all properties, whether individual house or apartment block.

People do not bother with ‘bring sites’ and the amount of rubbish sent to landfill in Eastbourne is excessive, compared to other areas. What encouragement is there for people to recycle?

Valerie Grose

Darley Road