Recession, not students to blame

In replY to David Poole’s absurdly overstated letter regarding students’ annual rowdy behaviour in Eastbourne, he should experience the solitude of the closed shops opposite the station, the Bingo Hall in Pevensey Road and the possibility of other closures like T.J. Hughes and Thorntons in Terminus Road, which are allegedly under discussion.

The possible closure of all these establishments is not due to students but to the recession which is currently engulfing the whole country.

As far as Mr Jurgen Matthes is concerned, he has been loyal to Eastbourne for nearly 30 years and his support for host families, local services, including transport, restaurants, supervised visits to cinemas and nightclubs has been excellently organised.

People often say to me that it would be sad to see the town centre cinema close down.

Happily, with the support of JM and his team, among many others, this is not in the immediate plans!

Roy Galloway

Owner, The Eastbourne Curzon