‘Real reason’ for tuition fees rise

IN the latest edition of the Seaford Gazette, Seaford MP Norman Baker defended his support for the rise in tuition fees despite his pre-election promise to oppose any such rise.

The real reason that tuition fees had to rise is EU directive 2004/58, which prevents the government offering tax payer funded education to our young people unless the same is offered to all young EU people who choose to come here.

Given that our language is spoken by enormous numbers of Europeans and that huge numbers of EU students already come here, not raising the fees is clearly unaffordable, so our youngsters must be charged.

Both the Tories and Labour knew this which is why they proposed the huge increases but the Lib/Dems appeared not to, hence their undeliverable promise.

And, of course Mr Baker, a committed Europhile, cannot blame his beloved Brussels bureaucrats for screwing things up.

Frank Carstairs

Corsica Road