RCM duped over move

I was astonished to hear that Cathy Warwick, chief executive of The Royal College of Midwives had visited to support the service at Eastbourne.

The RCM clearly needs to do its homework before supporting a service that reduces choice to women – women may ‘flock’ to this ‘wonderful service’ but only a few will be eligible to access it and the rest will have to travel 20 miles while in labour because they have or may have problems.

I would agree that midwifery led care can be wonderful but only when medical support is available and accessible if needed as in labour things can and do go unexpectedly wrong at times with potentially fatal consequences.

I also find it incredulous the RCM should be duped into supporting something that has resulted in so much stress for so many, including many of the staff who now have to travel much further to and from work.


Rattle Road, Westham.