RAILWAY: A bit of a white elephant

I have no idea why the powers that be are considering reopening the Willingdon Chord.

Firstly, the line was taken up some time ago and further to that a considerable amount of building has occurred on some of the land which it was on plus the cycle path leading to the Cuckoo Trail takes up at least half of it.

So we are talking about a bit of a white elephant. This would, I’d assume, involve a considerable sum of money for something which will not be profitable whatsoever.

It will be advantageous to a very few people and cut a very small amount of time off of any journey whilst inconveniencing residents of Polegate and Eastbourne.

This small amount of time will no doubt be countered by the length of time travellers will take getting through customs at Ashford International.

In the meantime, for some years I’ve been working out a plan for a link to eastern London by using around six miles of new track linking Eastbourne to the Hastings-London Line which also includes a rapid transit scheme which can also be used as a park and ride scheme.

Jonathan Dalton has also pointed out the benefits of reopening the Cuckoo Line using trams which would certainly be advantageous to the considerably more populous Hailsham, Hellingly and Heathfield now.

So why are people taking this sort of pie in the sky seriously when Willingdon Trees and Stone Cross and Shinewater are obviously crying out for new railway stations? Or did that lunatic Dr Beeching reproduce to allow his heirs to carry on his destruction?


Penhurst Close.