Questions but no answers

FOR ONE reason or another cyclists in Eastbourne appear to have a bad reputation and certainly are not wanted along the promenade.

So what a delight it was for my husband and I to observe this notice recently along the seafront in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight.

Of course the Shanklin promenade is less extensive than Eastbourne but if the walkers/cyclists there can tolerate each other what would be the reason that the people of Eastbourne cannot?

Could it be that the cyclists of Eastbourne are less responsible for their actions?

Or is it simply that there is too much ‘traffic’ as in wheelchairs, buggies, scooters, skate-boards, roller blades and many walkers who enjoy using their legs rather than wheels?

We cyclists long to be able to cycle along the promenade but as long as there is the lack of understanding and tolerance between the walkers and cyclists this would not seem to be possible.

However, do take a good look at the above notice - maybe we can all change our thinking and one day enjoy a ‘shared path’.

Jane Schulze

Commercial Road