Questions about bus pass scanners

WHAT is the purpose of Stagecoach buses’ new scanning system for the elderly free travel passes?

I asked the driver why they had been installed and he said it was something to do with the council (he would not elaborate further).

What is going on? They have not been installed on Brighton & Hove buses. Is this a ploy by Eastbourne council to abolish free travel for the elderly?

How much did they cost to install and purchase and who paid for them, Stagecoach or the council?

If it was Stagecoach, how will the money spent be recouped? With higher fares?

If the council paid for them, can we expect further services to be cut to pay for them?

The bus driver also stated that a large number of elderly people have difficulty understanding the system, either putting their pass in the wrong place, trying to scan it back to front or trying to scan it upside down and sometimes dropping it on the floor.

The driver said most of the time he has to scan it for them otherwise it takes too long.

What will happen in the summer months (if the scanners are still in operation) when elderly visitors arrive with their free passes, who have not seen a scanner before?

More work for the driver and a longer journey time for passengers.

Some answers, please, from either Stagecoach or Eastbourne council.

J Dudley

Barden Road, Eastbourne