Puzzling interest in this project

REGARDING Mr Len Fitzgerald’s letter with his various objections to the JPK project in the Gazette (July 31), I am puzzled why he is even interested in the project if it doesn’t affect him personally?

He says it is not good value for money, but that’s just his opinion, and it’s not his own money at stake! For us parents of disabled children we have very different values as we absolutely need this facility especially when other options have been tried and for a very long time now.

He also states Eastbourne does not need another charity shop, but it is certainly not being built as a charity shop or as ‘an attraction to the public’ as he wrote. It is to be primarily a home and with excellent services for very vulnerable people who may have lost their prime carer.

Care homes are built with the aged in mind, and hospices for the dying, and thankfully with very little objection of this nature. So what is so different in the case of the disabled that it should arouse such opposition?

He claims on the one hand that everyone knows there is no passing trade in the area but then says the area is already very congested for parking. Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction, since this shows it is a very popular area with plenty of trade.

Why is parking space to be considered such a priority? Parking spaces are at premium anywhere in Eastbourne, that’s a given, and we somehow manage, but surely it is people that matter more than car parking.

He says it’s a worthy cause and purports to be concerned for the welfare of the future residents, but maybe it’s just a case of not wanting it in his own back yard?

Actually, I don’t really like some of the buildings going up near me...but if you want to avoid anything new being built I think you have to go live somewhere in the remote countryside!


Seaford Road