Put away those mobile phones

ON MONDAY, May 28, while driving along Lottbridge Drove, on the western side of the road, I could not believe what I was seeing.

A foolish young mother, was cycling on the other side with a child behind her on a child seat.

Both were bareheaded, no cycling helmets, and the mother had her right hand clamped to her right ear carrying on a conversation on her mobile phone.

Not only was she putting her own life in danger but that of her young child, as well as drivers and passengers in their cars.

It is against the law to hold a mobile phone while driving , does not this apply to cyclists?

What is wrong with young people today that they cannot bear to be parted from their phones, especially young mums?

You see them walking along pushing buggies and carrying on conversations on their mobiles while their youngsters are staring blankly into space.

The mums should be talking to their young children.

Mothers of my day walked and talked to our children, pointing things out to them as part of their education.

No wonder a good many infants are starting school today with limited or no vocabulary.

So please mums put those instruments away and talk to your children, and especially put them away if cycling with them on your bike.


Wrestwood Avenue