Pupils’ health is the priority


From: Louise Allchorn

Selmeston Road

I write about how disgusted I am by the Get a Grip campaign.

I find it ridiculous that the council would carry out this campaign on primary school children who are largely accompanied by parents and enjoy school and that they would waste council money sending repeated and frankly useless letters out, yet raise our council tax while you are funding these. At least half my son’s class received one.

My son is five, he has no brothers or sisters. Since starting school in September his poor immune system has been inundated, he has had norovirus, a double ear and throat infection, flu and a chest infection, probably largely spread by other parents sending children in out of fear of consequences of not sending them whether ill or not. He has had five days off in five months. So tell me, how I am supposed to send him in when the doctor advises against it, he has a temperature and cannot physically walk from being weak or needs 48 hours clear after sickness? Then we get letters from the school telling us to keep children clear for five days if they get chicken pox, that would then mean their attendance rate would drop so low welfare become involved. What pressure this puts on the parents if their child is sick. My duty is as a mother - not to keep up attendance statistics. I would always send him to school where possible and would never jeopardise his education as he is so happy at his school, and we are very impressed with his progress. It would be interesting to view all the council work force attendance rates see if they fall into line.