Public notice gives it away

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EVEN though Richard Morris’s piece in last week’s Herald (‘Hold a public enquiry before cafe demolition’) on page 9 bought all of the issues together concisely – the supposedly financial mishandling, the lack of checks on the condition of the building even though the tenants were supposed to be bound by a full repairing lease, the environmental health lapses etc.

Overall on the face of it the council being the landlord were too ‘soft’.

The piece suggested a review of whether the cafe could not be refurbished rather than demolished for the time being anyway - is anyone really listening?

If only the writer had turned to page 57 of the same publication, he would have seen in the Public Notices section a Council notice, virtally advertising the fact that the cafe will be obliterated right back to its floor slabs; no doubt to accommodate a couple of mobile burger vans for the next few years (truly wonderful in Olympic year!) until a decision is finally made on what to do.

No doubt consultants will be involved and paid handsomely to tell us something we already know, but they’ll put their report in a nice folder.

So we’re about to enter a variation on the theme of the familiar “CT” (Congress Theatre) mindset - if you can’t decide what to do, scaffold it for years, if you can’t scaffold it, knock it down and hope it’s forgotten.


St John’s Road