Public land is being sold off at Hindsland

I wonder how many of your readers drive past Hindsland not realising the vast untapped resources there, golf course, soccer pitches, hockey pitches etc.

The irony is this is public land being sold off. The way this has been done, does open your eyes to how the state works. The public hearing meeting held back in January gives you a good example of this, the time given by local people to object both there and in the community was minimal so most elderly residents could not voice an opinion. During the meeting the developers hired legal experts to help there cause.

When I attended the hearing meeting as a layman, I had the distinct impression that this decision had been taken a long time ago, and we were just going through motion of a sham democratic decision, not one local meeting for the residents of both communities was ever held . When this wonderful greenbelt land is concreted over, and the empty expensive houses are empty where will the children play?


Prideaux Road