Public donations could help rebuild Wish Tower cafe

REGARDING the Wish Tower development, following notification of the development by Eastbourne Borough Council may I suggest we start a fund so that local people may contribute, from £1 to £1million or more to their town’s heritage.

There may also be people living in other parts of the country, in fact other countries, who would love to be associated with the new iconic buildings of the Wish Tower and also the proposed redevelopment of the Redoubt as two iconic developments on either side of the Pier.

I have done research regarding public donations towards the cost of public buildings such as, in London, Tower Bridge 1886-94 and the British Museum and Library 1857 when the population of London was a mere 2.6 million.

Having visited many museums and iconic buildings I have been aware of notices, plaques etc. naming those who have donated, no amounts are mentioned, just those who care.

Would it be possible to have such a fund in Eastbourne? Could Eastbourne Borough Council run it?


Cliff Road.