Pru should take money and go

WITH regard to the ‘Trolley Wars’ article (Herald, April 20) I find it hard to believe that the councillors can possibly risk having the Town Centre plans scrapped.

The offer by Legal and General’s Simon Russian, is, in my mind, totally irreversible, and any other town would be bending over backwards to clinch such an amazing deal.

Personally when I shop at the Harbour I find all I need there – I try and understand what more people could wish for than what is on offer.

I think Ian Weeks, campaigner on behalf of Prudential, should just relax and enjoy what he already has at the harbour and realise that Eastbourne cannot lose out on such a top offer from Legal and General.

Prudential should take their money and their expertise elsewhere and allow Legal and General to go ahead and revitalise our town centre.

This must be done NOW as to risk losing Legal and General’s offer would be extremely detrimental to Eastbourne.


Commercial Road.