Prom users can live in harmony

HAVING just moved to Eastbourne to retire I am surprised at the letter of Mr Colbran, of Polegate, who suggests families with small children would be at risk if, as he suggests, “crowds of cyclists” would invade the pavements and those “no longer agile enough to hop out of the way of these inconsiderate pests”.

I wonder how often Mr Colbran visits Eastbourne to have such views. The promenade has families with small children many on tricycles or scooters, some showing no consideration; many people on rollerblades, again some inconsiderate; infirm and not able people in mobility scooters, again, some inconsiderate to others; dog walkers with extendable leads, some inconsiderate to others; groups of walkers, who at times take the complete width of the promenade totally oblivious to others; runners, in groups with an expectation that others will move out of their way and finally, for those on holidays, the Dotto Train.

There will always be those that are inconsiderate to others whether they be on foot, on skates or on cycles, but banning a certain few in not the answer.

This can be seen by the sections of the seafront which are open to cyclists. The cycle track part is approximately a quarter of the width of the walking part, yet I have not once (and I cycle everyday) been able to cycle clear of walkers and dog walkers who take no notice whatsoever of the areas marked for their purpose.

It would be far better to have no delineation of the seafront area and rely on the majority to be considerate of other users.

The cost of all the signs and white lines is unnecessary and to be providing a cycle path on the existing footpath from Holywell to the town is a total waste of time, effort and money, as the roadway is a reasonably safe place to cycle, subject to considerate drivers of motor vehicles.

My wife and I have come from Surrey where we lived close to a canal towpath and where we cycled regularly. This was on average two metres wide and was used by runners, walkers, cyclists whilst dodging the fishing rods of the local fishermen and the guy lines of the narrow boats which were moored at varying times.

For the most part all of us lived in harmony with the exception of a few inconsiderate souls. Live and let live Mr Colbran and see that most cyclists are not “inconsiderate pests”.