Problem with judging distance?

FIRSTLY I must congratulate Mr N Hewett on his brilliant in-depth letter.

Now we will go to the comments of George Melling, I think he must have a problem with judging distance, the original disabled parking was as follows – a line of spaces in the main car park opposite A & E, two lines with spaces in the small car park, about four adjacent to the path to the main entrance and about three/four spaces by the ticket machines and the spaces that are at the rear of the main building by clinic d/physiotherapy.

There are also three spaces right next to the front entrance.

All these gave easy, close, access to the various parts of the hospital, the distance from the main and small carparks was no more than about 100/200 yards.

Now there are still the three spaces next to the front entrance, but the others have been moved right up into the staff car park, there are only 18 spaces in three lines of six and access to them and departure is quite tight.

The spaces at the rear are still there but now getting a space there is almost impossible as you used to be able to park in the main/small car park with your badge in any space but this has ceased and if you park there you pay.

Also Mr Melling states he listened to ‘blue badge holders’ feedback’ and that the spaces are closer to the hospital, this is absolutely not so the spaces at the rear are a long way from the front accesses, the spaces in the staff car park are considerably further away than the spaces that where in the main/small parks.

What disabled person in their right mind is going to choose to walk or push a wheelchair a further distance than necessary. and who were these people the ‘feedback’ was obtained from?

Mr Hewett, I agree with you that this may come under the Discrimination of Access and perhaps the Disability Discrimination Act may have a section on this, perhaps it could be looked into.


Brodrick Road