Principled stand will cost money

I BELIEVE that Councillor Hamilton was wrong to resign because his resignation is certain to incur the Seaford Taxpayer a cost of nearly £5,000 for an unnecessary by-election.

Cllr Hamilton should have voted against the tax hike; because Seaford Town Council has excessively increased the level of the town’s precept well beyond the level of inflation and the cost of living.

It is highly unusual for a councillor to resign from council over a tax hike in the first year of civic duty, in relation to the concerned affair; I personally believe that there is more to this issue than what meets the eye.

Last year the town council precept increased by 33 per cent% (Band D property) and now a further 10 per cent next year, why is the level of the town’s precept, shooting through the roof? Where is the financial control?

Despite the national Conservative policy to freeze council cax throughout the Economic Stagnation period, the mass majority of Conservative local authorities across the UK have frozen council tax.

I am left puzzled to why the Seaford Conservative Council has officially decided to ignore the virtue of national Government. The local Conservatives have also failed to uphold their main manifesto promise ‘to freeze council tax’.

It clearly demonstrates that the leadership of Seaford Conservatives is simply not fit for purpose.


Broad Street, Seaford