Praise for Lloyd and Baker

Well done, Eastbourne!

You’ve got rid of an outstandingly good rep, Stephen Lloyd, for some unknown, purely on party political grounds, not on record of service.

And congratulations to Nicola Sturgeon!

Her aim was to make alliances to prevent another Cameron government.

Well, that went well, didn’t it?

At the age of 89 I’ve voted in every election both general and local, except one, in all my life.

Now people will vote on Strictly, yet they are prepared to see the break-up of the United Kingdom my husband and father fought for, because they are too apathetic to care.

We shed crocodile tears for one war after another, more and more anniversaries, the glorious dead, etc, etc.

Well, what about the living from those days languishing in care homes, or at home with inadequate care?

Flowers for the living? We are now stitched into another five years, too late now for regrets.

I’m not a Lib Dem, or any other party, but I’d like to pay tribute to Stephen and by extension Norman Baker.

I can’t imagine the sort of world my grandchildren will inherit, yet there are disturbing similarities between Putin and the Ukraine, and Hitler’s annexation of the Sudetenland, before marching on into the rest of Europe, in 1939.

We cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of Europe as UKIP wish to do, it is in my opinion Britain’s in/out attitude which is destabilising influences.

We are one country, one continent, one planet, or we are nothing.

Vivienne Baird,

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