Praise for home’s dedicated staff

I WRITE in response to your article dated April 6 about Manor Hall nursing home.

As much as I am aware this was a sad incident I must say I find your article outdated. I cannot speak of the home three years ago but my father is a patient within the home now, and has been since the beginning of December last year.

He has many complex medical needs and gets excellent treatment. There is nothing that is too much trouble and the staff constantly assess his needs and tailor his treatment accordingly.

When it was decided my father needed to go into a nursing home my family were given a list from the local authority and it amazed me when we visited this home. The matron said we could turn up when we wanted to look around, the home was very clean and staff very friendly, caring and efficient. But most of all it did not smell, which we have noticed in other homes.

I have nothing but praise for the staff who are dedicated and caring and not only have time for their patients but also for the relatives. You can always go and talk to the staff for an update on your loved ones and I have never found any concerns about the speed in which more medical advice or calls for assistance is given.

I work within the health service and would not put my father anywhere that was not first class. I feel articles like this are more destructive than helpful as residence and relatives read the local paper and I myself find it distressing as it is so far from the mark. It also can have a demoralising effect on any staff who work so hard there. This I know as I work at the local hospital.

Claire Homewood

Lottbridge Drive

Hampden Park