Praise for bravery of Cllr Hamilton

How hard it must be for a councillor to vacate his position, which he fought to be elected for, having the interests of the town he represents at the fore of his mind.

I believe Councillor Hamilton should be congratulated for his sense of purpose, the strength of his feelings, and his bravery for deciding he could not go along with the council’s decision.

The rise in council tax overtakes the rate of inflation and is contrary to the promises that Seaford District Council made before they came into power. Not all Seaford citizens are dyed-in-the-wool Royalists, and even those who are, must question why we are expected to contribute to the Jubilee Celebrations, which have led to this rise.

Perhaps the council should have consulted us before making this decision? Yet again this newly elected Seaford Council have reneged on their promises before being elected.

It is to be regretted that so many councillors – and even some MPs – fail to stick to their principles and go full steam ahead with their new-found powers.

Mary Clarke,

Marine Crescent