Praise for ‘active’ Cllr Sam Adeniji

On the topic of the Beachcomber, the letter in the Gazette (August 17) from Sam Adeniji mentions the proposed changes in the way planning applications will be dealt with in future.

We already have procedures in place whereby residents can register their objections to a development.

Seaford Town Council and Lewes District Council turned down the application by McCarthy and Stone for the redevelopment of the Beachcomber. Twice. It was the inspector’s decision to allow the development to go ahead, after the informal hearing in Seaford on June 21.

Town clerk Sam Shippen listed the number of available properties in Seaford that catered for the category of people that will be looking to live in the development. She proved quite clearly that further accommodation was not necessary.

We can therefore conclude that the eventual residents will come from outside the area and will therefore be a drain on our very inadequate medical facilities in Seaford.

McCarthy and Stone professed great concern that the needs of the older generation were not sufficiently catered for in the town.

I asked them specifically if their caring attitude stretched as far as offering a sweetener to the present residents in the form of a donation to the town for the building of a medical centre. I got a polite sneer (if a sneer can be polite).

Since the elections earlier in the year, where new town councillors were elected, the only councillor seen to be active, is Sam Adeniji. If the others had been beavering away on the town’s behalf, they are keeping their activities to themselves. Thank you Sam.

It seems to me that the town of Seaford is treated very shabbily by authorities – whatever we ask for we do not get, whatever we reject, we will get.

June Wood

Landsdown Road.