Praise for a kind neighbour

TONIGHT I had a knock on the door and a local resident, namely Michael Sanders, said there was water pouring down the street from my house.

As where I live is now a semi-detached, I figured it was my next door neighbour, so we went round to check on her.

She knew about the problem and had phoned her service provider but heard nothing.

She was in tears as life is giving her a bad time, having had her car vandalised.

Thankfully Mr Sanders was able to stop the water flooding out of Karen’s house.

He needs a special mention for taking so much trouble and time to help.

It restores my faith in humanity having been a victim of crime when I returned from work to find my shed had been crowbarred to steal my bicycle which I also used to go to work.

Janice Harland

Bellbanks Road, Hailsham