Pothole savings could be made


From: David Hobbs

Bridgemere Road

Edward Thomas’s letter (Potholes not worthy of repair, May 25) is spot on!

The illogical process of reactive rather than proactive management of pothole repair is unbelievable in these cost conscious times.

Yes, budgets are set and repairs kept to them, just think of the savings that could be made, by proactively repairing potholes that by their nature will come to repair in just days or weeks ahead.

The third pothole Edward referred to would not be either deep or wide enough, despite being adjacent to the two repaired. So call out a steward again to inspect, measure and photo, paint some white marking and send a repair team back to inches from where they were for the qualifying potholes.

A pothole near home 15 inches from a qualifying for repair one, was denied repair as it was wide enough but not deep enough by 10mm.

As a former manager once said to me “it’s just the way it is” and “size clearly matters”.