Positive vision for town centre shops

GREAT news for Eastbourne and the Arndale Centre that the £70m redevelopment of the town centre shopping area is back on after previous difficulties with the developers and Eastbourne Borough Council have been ironed-out - promising a great future I think for the Arndale.

While the council agreed to a new improved shopping area at Sovereign Harbour I do not think this will affect shopping at the Arndale Centre to any great degree.

Sovereign Harbour is quite along way from the town centre and will have to be visited seperately. I am delighted that owners Legal & General have not pulled and have now re-affirmed their commitment to the much-needed facelift which I think will be of great benefit to the Arndale Centre and Eastbourne.

The proposed scheme will significantly improve the shopping experience in the Arndale, as well as Eastbourne town centre, and will attract new businesses which will in turn attract many more visitors and customers.

If the Arndale redevelopment proves a great success ,which I think it will, many more businesses currently not located in Eastbourne will be attracted adding to the future-looking regeneration of the town.

This redevelopment is I think a great opportunity for Eastbourne to become a major shopping attraction.

This will be great for the local economy and businesses which decide to move into Eastbourne which has a great mix I think of young and elderly people - both residents and visitors.

There is a market for them all which should be encouraged and all opportunities taken.

We are in very difficult times but have been here before and recovered. We will do so again and Eastbourne will be fully prepared.

I wish the redeveloped Arndale Centre great success.


Rowan Avenue, Hove