Poor quality paintings are a huge waste of money

AM I missing something? Why on earth would the Towner want to pay out an incredible £85,000 for two paintings of the Sussex coastline by artist John Piper?

If Newhaven - The Castle (1934) as printed in the Herald, is a sample of his work, I can only say that it comes over as exceedingly amateurish and almost childish. Two significant pieces of British art is mentioned, the fable about The King’s New Clothes springs to mind.

I am sure there are local artists out there who would be happy to sell their far better paintings to the Towner at a fraction of that price.

My ten-year-old granddaughter took one look at the picture in the newspaper, and after reading all about it, got out her colouring pencils, convinced that, if pictures of this juvenile quality sell for so much money, she could soon be on her way to a fortune.

What do Herald readers think?


Midhurst Road, Hampden Park.