Polite, patient and fair speech at Eastbourne Wetherspoons Brexit debate


From: Vivienne Morris

Sovereign Harbour North

My husband and I went to hear Tim Martin at the Cornfield Garage Wetherspoons.

The place was certainly full.

We thought that he gave a very reasonable and patient talk and managed to get over his views and encourage discussion despite being heckled from the start by – dare I say Remainers? – a small group who couldn’t conform to his reasonable request that he should speak first and then open debate for questions.

Consequently it was difficult to hear but he repeated the questions before answering so we could be involved.

He was polite, patient, fair and an example of how to behave if one wanted to engage with the public.

This group of hecklers I believe have been following him around his speaking venues, which tells us a lot, in my opinion.