Police Commissioner - you do the maths!

I write with regard to the to the article in this week’s Herald regarding the new Sussex Police and Crime Commission.

We are told that the new organisation is going to be a much leaner set up than the old Police Authority, cutting costs by some £186K.

I learned my arithmatic at Eastbourne Grammar school in the 1950s ,and given that the staff costs for the old authority are quoted at £400k a saving on this would be a total staff costs figure of £214k.

But we are advised that all the executive appointments made and to be made total £289K! Furthermore there are apparently another nine staff yet to be paid!

Am I alone in thinking that this new set up, far from achieving its cost cutting objective, is actually – as we all thought in the first place – going to cost the taxpayer substantially more.

No doubt other readers will correct me, but as it stands the reported generous salaries, do seem rather outrageous at a time of the most serious economic crisis, when each and every one of us is suffering salary ,benefit and pension constraints.

This is also happening in an environment where crime figures are being distorted by the use of police caution for quite serious offences, leading to a substantial reduction in cases coming to court for disposal, and thus a threat to the viability of our local courts.


Macmillan Drive.