Police Commissioner: has Sussex got any bigger?

I see from The Herald dated February 1 that our Police Commissioner now requires a deputy at an annual cost of a salary of £45,000.

On November 14, 2012 I received a flyer from Katy Bourne in which she states “The Police and Crime Commissioner will cut bureaucracy and save the taxpayer money.

“The PCC will replace the 17-member Police Authority, who receive allowances totalling £245,000 a year. The PCC will cost £85,000 a reduction in costs, freeing up £160,000 a year to be spent on frontline policing.”

Admittedly, that was before she was elected. Was it reasonable to assume from the above that the £85,000, referred to, was intended to cover the PCC salary, expenses, and support staff?

Subsequent ‘revelations’ now reveal that an office witheight support staff have been ‘inherited’ and now a deputy is required! The obvious question is how much of the £160,000 is left for frontline policing?

I suspect and the end of the financial year it will be revealed very little.

So were we conned? I leave the readers to make up their own minds. On a lighter note in the article Katy Bourne said “Sussex is a large area...” has it ‘grown since she took over or have I missed the Boundary Commissions intentions?