Police commissioner election turn-out was disappointing

I think that all concerned would agree that the turnout for the recent elections was disappointingly low - not so poor as to destroy the legitimacy of the result, but certainly below what would have been hoped for.

Much of this may well have been due to the lack of publicity given to the elections and to the poor information available to the electorate on the various candidates.

In a General Election, votes are cast ostensibly for a particular candidate, although in practice probably the political affiliation of the candidate is of greater importance which may explain the number of Independents.

Those candidates which were backed by political parties were able to call on their financial support and organisation, whereas the Independents were not.

In this area we received candidate details from those backed by the Conservative and Labour parties, and heard nothing from the others.

This was probably due, in no small part, to the cost of providing such detail. BBC South East could, and perhaps should, have provided more information for voters.

For example, on the Monday two weeks before the elections, 10 minutes could have been given to a discussion between all the Sussex candidates with the Kent candidates having 10 minutes on the Tuesday and the Surrey candidates 10 minutes on the Wednesday.

The same procedure could have been followed in the week prior to the election, and again in the week of the election. This would have given every candidate air time at no cost and would have been fair to all. Something similar was done for this election, but in a rather haphazard way.

Perhaps worth consideration for the future?

JOHN M WRIGHT, Staveley Road.