‘Please use some common sense’

I COULD not believe what I was reading in Friday’s Eastbourne Herald with regard to East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

What are the hospital managers thinking of to admit that none of the well-paid administrative staff who run the DGH and the Conquest hospitals can look after their own finances.

Instead they are proud to announce that they are “working with external support” and employing “one of the largest accountancy firms in the world” to tell them how to manage their budgets.

Do they not realise that this proves their complete incompetency and is another huge waste of budget.

If it is necessary to bring in outside expertise to resolve “several years of financial problems” then how does the Trust justify the employment of their own financial experts?

On the other hand, I believe the Government are setting impossible financial targets all round (NHS included) and the prospect of hospitals being “prosecuted” is laughable.

What are they going to do – fine them and close wards – that is going to make things even worse.

Please, all you well paid managers and politicians, just use some common sense.

Alison Cushing

Granville Road