Please stop being negative

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Call the newsdesk on 01780 758951 or e-mail SUS-170809-161328001

From: Jane Schulze

Commercial Road

I am referring to the letter of 20 October entitled “If it’s a burden give it away” written by Mr Malcolm Rasala.

I am truly saddened to read such a negative cynical letter such as Mr Rasala has written against our generous Eastbourne resident Mr Gulzar.

I thought we had got over this sad state of mind and thought by now.

Mr Rasala needs to stand and view our pier at different times of the day and night and admire what has been done to create such an attractive and elegant sight compared to what might have been an ugly rusty mass of metal sticking out into the sea if Mr Gulzar had not rescued it and poured his money into the development of it.

Many people who receive such verbal abuse as Mr Gulzar has had would have turned their back on Eastbourne by now and left many white elephants strewn along our seafront and other local areas and then how much poorer Eastbourne would be.

Please Eastbourne residents stop being negative and try and look on the positive side of life – there is a saying that the more negative you are the less peace you have in your life – there is much to gain from living in peace within yourself and with other people.

Look around and be blessed by the beautiful seaside town of Eastbourne that surrounds us.