Please sort out footpath mess

OVER the past few years I have tried, unsuccessfully, to get something done about improving the state of the verges to the public footpath that is located at the rear of my house.

So, in September 2011 I wrote to Councillor Murray concerning the problem. In October he replied that he was waiting for a response from Eastbourne Borough Council and Places for People, and ‘would get back to me ASAP’.

I waited until December and wrote to him again, but have still not had a reply.

I am therefore writing in the hope you will publish this letter, and the powers that be at Eastbourne Borough Council and Places for People will see it, and take action.

The problem is the footpath is flanked by two rows of houses, one row each for both of these landlords, neither of who appear to want to take responsibility for the verges on their side of the footpath.

To the best of my knowledge, all other pathways on the estate are maintained regularly by the contractors employed by the two parties, whereas this one remains relatively untouched.

The Places for People side is overgrown with bracken. While the council side, has in the past had all shrubs removed and replaced with tree bark chippings.

Unfortunately, these chippings were piled too high, and have resulted in wind and rain causing them to shift onto the footpath and completely cover soak away drains and also the drain that houses our mains water stop-cock.

A couple of years ago my husband and I spent an afternoon clearing the chippings back from length of path at the rear of our property, but they inevitably have slipped back.

All I ask is both Eastbourne Borough Council and Places for People sort out the verges by clearing them of rubbish that has subsequently been dumped, remove overgrowth and wood chippings and simply turf them.

This would make it so much easier for their landscaping teams to maintain. So please, I beg you, get your heads together and get it sorted out, after all it’s not rocket science!


Fountains Close