Please show consideration

I AM always reading about how the younger generation are rude and have no manners.

I have to say to my knowledge I find this not to be the case - in fact it is the older generation who I am writing this letter about.

I am a father of an autistic child who cannot communicate. To the eye he appears as a normal three-year-old.

But from time to time we do have to endure tantrums, screaming and head slapping.

Unfortunately these episodes can happen at any time and at any place for no apparent reason.

On many occasions this can happen when we are out and about.

I just want to say the looks and comments we get usually from older members of the public, of disapproval or suggestions of ‘can you not keep your child under control’ can be very upsetting for us.

My wife and I do not want to walk around with a sign saying my child is autistic.

But it is hard, stressful and also embarrassing for us when he has an attack out in public.

It has no reference to bad parenting or that our child is being naughty, it’s just the fact he doesn’t understand.

So to all of those out there who feel it necessary to say something when you see a young child screaming, please stop and think the child may not have any control over an issue like this.

Martin Sprange

Hampden Park