Please make your objections heard

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The CLOSING date for objections to the proposed skate park in Manor Gardens is today (October 7).

I would like to urge as many people in Eastbourne as possible to write or send an email to the planning officers registering their objections to this insane proposal.

It is easy to do so by visiting and quote ref: EB/2011/0521(FP) or simply write to the town hall quoting the same reference.

If not enough people make the effort to send in their objections this ill thought out proposal will be rammed down our throats in double-quick time.

Please do all you can to urge the planners to reject this proposal from blighting the peace and quiet of Manor Gardens, the only surviving area of its kind left in Eastbourne. There are many other areas where a skate park could be located, if this is really what Eastbourne needs.

Incidentally, we already have more skate parks in Eastbourne than Brighton or Hastings, so why we need to destroy people’s enjoyment of a tranquil gardens to add another one is beyond me.

And for the record, to the 12-year-old who wrote in (Herald letters, August 26), no-one thinks skaters are drug addicts.

This issue is about loss of a cherished amenity for all of the residents of Eastbourne, for the benefit of very few skaters.

Unfortunately, one of the by-products of your activity is to impose noise on all within a 500-yard radius through the slap, slap, slap of your boards and the whooping and swooshing that accompanies it.

The fact druggies and graffiti artists then move in to your facility after you have left is not your fault but it is inevitable.

Residents of Eastbourne – please let the planners know you do not want them to destroy Manor Gardens for this facility.

Chris Turton

The Goffs